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Mr. Tightwad Takes On: Lunch Specials in Park Slope

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By Jim Israel


Mr. Tightwad Takes On: Lunch Specials in Park Slope

Today Mr. Tightwad combs through the menus of some Park Slope restaurants, looking at what’s being touted as ‘Lunch Specials.’ He found out on his neighborhood sojourn that virtually every restaurant – and there’re a lot in Park Slope, as readers will attest to – around here will offer deals.

Here’s a sampling [6 restaurants] of what’s out there :

Nana Restaurant & Bar          155 5th Avenue [Degraw & Douglas]

                Monday – Friday: 12 to 4

                Following entries are all $8.00:

                Thai basil bento

                Malay curry bento

                Basil mango bento

                Sushi lunch bento [tuna, salmon, bass, shrimp sushi with half California roll]

                Maki tuna lunch bento

                8 additional choices for lunch bento, including chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu or veg


Da Nonna Rosa              140 7th Avenue [Garfield & Carroll]

                Monday-Friday: 12 -3

                $10 for each of following [a sampling of menu]:

                Panini [grilled chicken or veg]

                Balsamic Chicken w/ veg

                Wholewheat penne

                Penne Vodka Classico [$9.00]

                Spaghetti Pomodoro [$7.00]

                Rigatoni Bolognese [$9.00]

                Gazpacho or Chicken Orzo Soup [$6.00]


Burger Bistro                177 5th Avenue     [Degraw & Sackett]

                $10 Burger Special –12 to 3 Weekdays

                Burger: Beef, turkey, chicken or veggie options w/ cheese topping and any side order [choice of potato chips, French fries, seasoned fries, sweet potato fries, yellow split pea salad, mixed salad, or, last but not least, ‘frizzled’ onions].


Los Pollitos 2              148 5th Avenue  [Corner of Douglass]

$6.95 lunch pricing for: [partial menu]

                Pollo Rosticado w/ rice, beans, and Pico de Gallo

                Ensaladas Pollitos [Salad w chicken]

                Chorizo Sausage w/ Egg

                Quesadilla and Taco

                Tostado and Taco

                Tamale and Taco


Benchmark Restaurant               339A 2nd Street [@ 5th Avenue]

Three Course Prie Fixe Lunch   : $18.00

                Selection from 3 appetizers: Lobster bisque / Braised beef Short Rib / Seasonal lettuces salad

                Selection from 3 entrees: Benchmark burger / Pan Seared Crab Cakes / Acorn Squash

                Selection from 3 desserts : Triple Chocolate Martini [Cake] with dulce de leche gelato /

                                                         White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding /

                                                        Cookie Dough Eggroll [Candied walnuts, miso caramel, espresso gelato


Naruto Ramen                          276 5th Avenue [Garfield & 1st Street]

$11.00 Lunch Special                11-3 pm

Choice of Ramen :             A. Naruto           B. Miso             C. Curry


Choice of :                           A. Pork Dumplings             B. Fried Rice              C. Chicken Curry


This is only the first of many ‘Lunch Specials’ Columns: there are many more restaurants out there.

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