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DrBrendan in Park Slope

171 5th Avenue Park Slope, NY 11215

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Any Park Slope resident will tell you the same thing: go past Starbuck’s on 7th Avenue or any other coffee shop, and you’ll observe the identical scene in all of them: young people seated at tables, nursing a tall coffee, Apple computer, open and operating, with thumbs ablaze, typing about a million words a minute on multiple devices.  Park Slope is an Apple Eden.

That’s where the enterprising Brendan McElroy comes in. Jumping on the opportunity to service and repair any and all Apple products, he created DrBrendan. Motto? “Everything Mac.” Everything Apple, too, I might add.

Mr. McElroy now has three storefronts – a flagship in the East Village, one in Greenwich, CT and the one which is in business about two months, here in Park Slope.

DrBrendan had rather humble beginnings: Mr. McElroy serviced cracked and damaged I-Phones out of his walk-up apartment in Manhattan. Business eventually got so frenzied that his building neighbors started to complain of all the noise and foot traffic going up to Brendan’s apartment.

DrBrendan’s mission is servicing any MacIntosh and Apple product – phones, computers, I-Pods, I-Pads, the full gamut.  This writer visited the small but modern 5th Avenue DrBrendan storefront, listened in on a couple of customer telephone inquiries, and was struck by the efficiency, competency and general bonhomie of the two gentlemen manning the establishment, Tony and Lucas.

‘Lucas’ rattled off DrBrendan’s offerings to me: they’ll take care of any servicing or repair work, as long as the product is Apple. That can be upgrades, hardware programs, tune-ups, data recovery, software and printer installation, wireless network set-up, audio-visual, for example.

DrBrendan, at this early juncture, looks like a winner. After all, with Apple ‘Genius’ stores more focused on selling than servicing, an independent servicing shop in a neighborhood in which MacIntoshes bloom in profusion like tulips is a great concept.

Located between DeGraw and Sackett on 5th Avenue [just off of Union], Dr.Brendan is open on weekdays from 11 to 9 pm, and on weekends from 12 to 5. Tony and Lucas will make house calls, too. 


By Jim Israel

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